Customer Rewards in Frederick, MD

Earn Rewards for Car Care

Taking care of your car is about safety, reliability, and saving money in the long-term. Earn points for taking care of your car and redeem those points for additional discounts!

Earning Rewards

Every Superior Auto Service Center customer is automatically enrolled in our rewards program and receive a Rewards Card with their number on it. Each dollar spent on service, maintenance, and repair at Superior are turned into points. These points accumulate in the background and can add up to BIG SAVINGS.

Rewards Points Program

  • 500 points - $5.00 discount
  • 750 points - $10.00 discount
  • 1000 points - $20.00 discount
  • 1250 points - $40.00 discount
  • 1500 points - $80.00 discount
  • 2500 points - $150.00 discount

Start Saving More on Car Care Today!

Enrollment in the Superior Rewards program is free and, unlike most other rewards-type programs, there are no forms to fill out or extra information to divulge. We handle the entire process and just give you the card. You begin earning points immediately, points that NEVER expire.