Diesel Repair in Frederick, MD

Keeping Diesels Running Powerfully

Diesel is efficient and simple, but that type of engine needs an expert touch. At Superior Auto Service Center, our team is experienced with diesel engines in all kinds of vehicles, from light-duty to heavy-duty, and everything in between. With higher compression ratios than automatic vehicles, diesels are prone to issues as they are a more powerful engine. We want our customers to be as informed about their repairs and possible, and diesel owners especially need to know the most common issues that plague diesel engines.

Common Issues

Oxidized Oil: Because of how they’re used, diesel engines can sometimes sit for long periods between work or travel. After long enough, air will get into the oil and oxidize it, making it ineffective at cooling the engine.

Humid Oil: If water or humidity gets into the oil, rather than air, this will cause a different reaction, but have the same effect. Diesel engines left too long in damp environments will develop problems with their oil as well.

Contaminated Fuel: More worrying than bad oil, contaminated fuel can have dangerous effects on your diesel engine. Diesel fuel needs to be clear of glycol, dilution, soot, and water to safely power your vehicle.

Black Exhaust: Black smoke is caused by an imbalanced air to fuel ratio. Our technicians would look for a fault in the injector, injector pump, air filter, EGR valve, or even the turbocharger.

Hard Start: Diesels can take longer to turn over before starting, but if your engine isn’t even making it past sputtering then it’s time for a technician to check for signs of low compression or a fuel delivery issue.

Deafening Noise: Again, diesels do tend to be louder than automatic vehicles, but there is also such a thing as unhealthy noise from a diesel. If you notice your decibels increase in the passenger cabin, our technicians can find the issue and perform the repair.

Your Experts for Diesel Repair

Keeping up with diesel engine repair doesn’t have to be a headache. In fact, our technicians at Superior Auto Service Center already know the best preventative maintenance plan to keep any diesel running smoothly. Between changing the oil and the oil filter, the air filter and the fuel filter, then bleeding the fuel system, draining the water separators, and refilling the urea injection system, your diesel will feel like a new car! Come by the shop today at 4624 Wedgewood Boulevard to speak to one of our technicians about bringing your diesel back to like-new condition.

You chose diesel for its reliability, so when your engine breaks down, you need it back to peak performance as soon as possible. The same applies to our service on your vehicle. At Superior Auto Service Center, we fix your vehicle right the first time. But if something goes wrong down the road, we offer a 24-month/24,000-mile warranty on all parts and labor. For 30 years, we have served the community of Frederick, Maryland, and our best policy has been putting customer service first. Call us today at 301-682-3533 for an appointment.