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When you are packing up the RV for your family vacation, the last thing on your mind should be vehicle maintenance. You want your RV to be ready and reliable when it’s time to make memories. At Superior Auto Service Center, we want to make sure you can make it out of Frederick, Maryland, when you want to, but that you can always make it back, too! The best way to make sure your RV is always ready for you is to understand and perform its different maintenance services. Our technicians put together a list of common RV service issues to give you an idea of the maintenance you may not have expected to need

Fluid Systems

Between the water line, pump, sink, and toilet, there are a lot more systems that make up an RV than a regular vehicle. You’re not only concerned about getting down the road, but also about having a livable space. Running water, a working shower, and a flushing toilet are all complicated systems that require maintenance.


With added windows and doors, there are more seals and areas where you have to worry about the elements getting into your RV. You will want to keep in your air conditioning and keep out the elements and insects.


In your RV, you will have added electrics that aren’t common to regular vehicles. All the added features like a microwave, tv, or cooktop require electricity even if the engine isn’t running.

Air Conditioning

Of course, regular vehicles also have air conditioning, but because an RV is so large, the pressure on its AC system is much greater.

Brakes and Tires

Again, brakes and tires are concerns for any vehicle on the road. For an RV, that’s a lot more vehicle that needs to stop in an emergency. Once you are parked, your brakes need to be in good enough condition to keep you stationary on any terrain.


For RV owners who know their vehicle will go unused for months at a time, winterizing is an excellent way to prevent damage caused by an idle vehicle. By flushing systems and backing up the battery, you can put your RV into a suspended state until it’s camping season again. Call us today at 301-682-3533 for an appointment.

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At Superior Auto Service Center, we want to make sure you have the best camping experience possible in your RV and that it lasts for many vacations. Our technicians can discuss the common areas of concern for RVs and set up a preventative maintenance plan to make sure your vehicle is ready when you want it! Come into our shop today at 4624 Wedgewood Boulevard to see the types of RVs we service for our adventuring customers.