Fleet Services in Fredrick, MD

Comprehensive Fleet Solutions

Managing fleet vehicles and their repairs adds another level of complication to auto repairs. Not only do you think about multiple vehicles, but they are under a different amount of stress than a regular family vehicle. As a business-owner, you want to be cost-efficient with your repairs. Fuel efficiency is also a major concern for the amount of time they spend on the road. The safety of the drivers and your cargo is also a top priority. At Superior Auto Service Center in Frederick, Maryland, we are familiar with fleet service pitfalls. With over 30 years of experience, we know the best ways to keep your fleet running smoothly: preventative maintenance services, timely repairs, and comprehensive fleet management.

Preventative Maintenance

Commercial vehicles undergo a greater amount of stress than a vehicle that is for personal use. The mileage shoots up quickly, and the maintenance checks seem to be more and more frequent. Because fleet vehicles spend more time on the road and experience more wear and tear, preventative maintenance is essential for preventing break downs. The more often a trained technician is giving your engine a check, the more likely they are to identify a developing repair before it causes engine damage.

Timely Repairs

If one of those untimely breakdowns does happen, we can help. At Superior Auto Service Center, we know you are concerned about revenue loss while your vehicle is out of commission. We will work with you to create a timely and effective repair plan that gets your vehicle back in service as soon as possible.

Fleet Management

Knowing the vehicle’s history of preventative maintenance and repair makes us better equipped to complete an unexpected repair. With fleet management, this is even more important given the number of vehicles. Because commercial vehicles require more frequent checks, you’ll need a team of technicians who know your vehicles and their repair history. Our professional support can alleviate the detailed work from your task list! Call us today at 301-682-3533 to make an appointment to discuss your fleet vehicle needs.

Why Choose Us

In Frederick, Maryland, we have set ourselves apart as the local shop with exceptional customer service. We identify with our business customers who just want to offer the best for their customers in turn. At Superior Auto Service Center, we offer a 24-month/24,000-mile warranty on all parts and services. We want your peace of mind to last long after your vehicles have pulled out of our bay doors and made it back on the road. Come by the shop today at 4624 Wedgewood Boulevard to see our technicians at work on commercial fleet vehicles just like yours.