Brake Repair in Frederick, MD

Essential Vehicle Care

How can you take care of your car when you don't fully understand what services it needs or when? Superior Auto Service Center in Frederick, Maryland, is here to help with that. At the top of the list are the brakes. Whether it's scheduling an inspection or full-on brake repair, always make sure your brakes are on your preventative maintenance checklist. Because brakes are a standard feature, drivers tend to forget how useful they really are. You use your brakes to slow yourself in a turn to maintain control of your vehicle. Braking is essential to parking and maneuvering to control your speed in tight spaces. And the all-important emergency stop: your vehicle needs to be able to brake quickly to prevent accidents. At Superior Auto Service Center, our technicians know where to look for stress on your brakes, and they will let you know when it is time for a replacement. Call us today for an appointment at 301-682-3533 to have your brake safety checked.

Signs It's Time for a Service

If you're still not certain whether your brakes need an expert opinion, here are some signs we would recommend you look out for:

Sound: If you have started to hear a squeaking or grinding noise while you brake, that may be created by worn-out brakes. Over time, the rubber wears down on your brakes, and they create less and less friction. If the brakes are skidding, it will create a squeaking sound.

Shudder: The same skidding that creates noise will also create a shuddering sensation. If you notice your steering wheel is shaking while you depress the brake pedal, you may need to have your brakes checked.

Smell: If worn-out brakes are left unrepaired, they will create more and more heat in order to slow your vehicle. As the brakes heat up, you could experience the smell of burning rubber in the cabin of the vehicle.

Smoke: The most alarming sign of brake failure is smoke. If your vehicle begins to smoke, pull over immediately. If the brakes are the culprit, that means they are no longer effective, and your vehicle is no longer safe to drive.

Schedule Brake Service Today

At Superior Auto Service Center, whatever your brake condition, our technicians will perform the brake repair to keep your vehicle safe and performing smoothly. Our technicians look beyond the brakes, checking the calipers and exchanging the brake fluid. All of our work is backed by our 24-month/24,000-mile warranty so you can leave our shop knowing your vehicle is road safe. Come by today to see our technicians at work on brake repairs, tire rotations, wheel alignment, and all the services that keep your vehicle performing smoothly. You can find us at 4624 Wedgewood Boulevard in Frederick, Maryland.