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Top 3 Benefits of Regularly Changing Your Car’s Air Filter

Changing the air filter is a straightforward thing to improve your vehicle’s efficiency dramatically. Did you know that maintenance services are just as essential as auto repair? Staying on top of your car’s maintenance schedule will keep it driving stronger for longer and help you avoid costly repairs. Want to learn more? The certified technicians at Superior Tire & Express Lube in Conway, Arkansas, are here to explain the benefits of changing your air filter.

What is an Air Filter?

Your car’s air filter collects contaminants that could otherwise make their way into your car’s engine. The air filter keeps your engine running its best by keeping it clean and free of dirt, sand, dust, and other debris. You should be getting your air filter changed once per year.

3 Benefits of Changing Your Air Filter

The top three benefits of changing your vehicle’s air filter include:

Better fuel economy: the engine depends upon the air it pulls in to work efficiently. If the air is full of dust and debris, it will impact your engine’s ability to operate optimally. This, in turn, can cause your engine to consume more fuel.

More power: like we just mentioned, clean air helps your engine to work at its best. Changing your air filter will boost your engine’s power and performance.

Reduced emissions: want to do your part to protect the environment? Simply change your air filter! A new air filter will reduce your vehicle’s emissions. If your engine remains clean, it doesn’t have to work overtime to get you from point A to point B.

Expert Auto Repair in Conway

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Written by Superior Auto Service Center