Tips for At Home RV Service and Care

Don’t forget to have your RV serviced before you head out on your Summer adventures!

RV owners learn very quickly that hitting the open road takes at least a little bit of preparation to make sure you have a great time. You consult your maps, stock up on snacks, and you have to check in for your RV Service regularly. An RV has all of the maintenance requirements of any standard vehicle, plus the extra amenities in your living space will require attention too! In between your service visits, there are some precautions you can take with your RV that will help slow the wear over time. Have a look at the list our technicians put together to see how you can preserve your RV for the road!

Cover it up: Although you remember all of the fun hours you’ve spent in your RV, the majority of its time has probably been in storage in between those getaways. If you can’t opt for covered parking like a carport or pole barn, you could invest in good quality tarpaulin to protect the roof specifically. Because the roofs of RVs are a difficult spot to reach, while the vehicle is in storage it could develop issues like standing water without anyone noticing. It’s always best to make a point of checking on your RV regularly.

Let it breathe: While it’s sitting idle, the air in your RV is likely going to stagnate. If you happen to be in a hot climate, and depending on where your RV sits, temperatures could exceed 100 degrees in your vehicle. That heat and the humidity can break down the interior components of your RV. You can combat this by leaving your exterior vents open to the air, but also guarded against rain getting in.

Weather Stripping and Seals: Your RV also has many more windows than a standard vehicle. Each one is susceptible to leaks, especially if they are the kind you open and close regularly. Our technicians recommend checking your seals once every 6 months and to replace any stripping that looks dried and cracked. You’re not just worried about rain getting in while you are driving, but also any moisture and humidity while it is in storage.

Lubricate Slide Out Rails: For RVs that include slide out rails, there are extra considerations for the mechanisms that make it possible to slide out those additions. The rails themselves are prone to corrosion over time and this can cause a squeaking sound or even failure to open if the problem is left unaddressed. Oiling your slide out rails will help keep your RV working smoothly.

Fire it up: Hopefully you have many opportunities to use your RV each year, but there may be a time when it sits idle for a long period of time. With your RV, you have to consider the life of the generator, not just the engine, and generators can corrode if left idle for too long. Make sure you are firing up your RV’s generator at least once a month and allowing it to run for at least 2 hours. This will keep it in good working order so it’s ready when you’re ready for adventure!

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Written by Superior Auto Service Center