Why Choose Diesel Repair?

Learn How Your Diesel Engine Requires Special Care And Service

There are many reasons why drivers choose diesel engines, and once you own a diesel vehicle, you won’t want to go back to gas!

Of any practical combustion engine, diesel has the greatest thermal efficiency which means it loses very little power that it generates. You will go further on each tank of gas in a diesel engine because statistically, diesel produces 12% more power per gallon of fuel. It also runs more cleanly. Compared to a gasoline engine, diesel produces less carbon waste per mile, but it’s not just about how diesel runs, but how easy it is to keep it running. Diesel engines are also easier to rebuild, so you will have your vehicle for a long time. Most owners know the basics of their engines because they are also less complicated to perform most services and repairs.

Diesel owners experience longer engine life and a cleaner running engine.

In a diesel engine, instead of compressing both gas and air in the combustion chamber, it compresses only air. The diesel fuel is added to the air, only at the last stage of combustion which creates an uneven ratio of fuel to air. The super-heated air ignites the diesel and your pistons are moved by the resulting power. The amount of power depends on the amount of fuel added to the combustion chamber. This is less complicated than a gasoline engine that requires a very specific fuel-to-air ratio to work. This is why, overall, diesel owners experience longer engine life and a cleaner running engine.

Preventative Maintenance is Key to Keeping Your Diesel Running Smoothly.

Regular services like oil changes and tire realignment need to be done while also addressing any repairs or wear and tear as needed. Your diesel engine will handle more wear and tear but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t require some attention for all the hard work it does. At Superior Auto Service, factory-trained technicians can work with you using our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to ensure your diesel is running at peak efficiency.

For the best Diesel Repair to keep your engine running, visit Superior Auto Service in Frederick, Maryland, or give them a call at 240.549.5861. Good Diesel Service and Repair Means A Long Engine Life!

Written by Superior Auto Service Center